Lap-Band Revision


Lap-Band Revision services offered in Thousand Oaks, Northridge, and Greater Los Angeles area.

Adjustable gastric bands, such as Lap-Band®, has an 85-100% re-operation rate due either to complications or band failure. When you need Lap-Band revision, you can trust renowned expert Amir Mehran, MD, at University Bariatrics in Thousand Oaks, California. University Bariatrics offers procedures to remove the adjustable gastric bands and convert it to another procedure for great long-term results. Book your consultation online or call the office in your area for help now. ® 

What is Lap-Band revision surgery?

Adjustable gastric bands revision surgery is a procedure to remove your Lap-Band. There are a couple of options for adjustable gastric bands revision surgery, including: 

Removal alone

Your University Bariatrics surgeon takes the adjustable gastric bands out of your body in a removal procedure. The University Bariatrics surgeons have extensive experience with small-incision laparoscopic techniques for both simple removal and highly complex removal of eroded bands. 

Removal plus surgery

You can have adjustable gastric bands removal and another type of weight loss surgery (gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy). Depending on your needs and goals, you can have the removal and new procedure simultaneously (single-stage) or in two procedures. 

When might I need Lap-Band revision surgery?

About 85-100% of people with adjustable gastric bands surgery need another surgery later. There are several reasons for this, but gastrointestinal issues are quite common with Lap-Band. Some of the issues you may experience include: 

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Chronic abdominal pain
  • Acid reflux
  • Heartburn
  • Food sticking in throat
  • Difficulty eating healthy foods
  • Vomiting

Most adjustable gastric bands patients don’t get the follow-up care they need after their original surgery. They may not get the regular Lap-Band adjustments they need, and it’s common to never develop good eating habits. 

As a result, many people never lose as much weight as desired, or they cannot maintain their weight after weight loss with adjustable gastric bands.

People with adjustable gastric bands are at high risk of band erosion, slippage, infection, Barrett’s esophagus (a precancerous condition), and other serious health issues. 

The longer adjustable gastric bands stay in your body, the more complications they can cause. They’re also more difficult to remove the longer they’re inside you. So, all of these reasons can lead many patients to adjustable gastric bands revision surgery. 

Do I still need Lap-Band revision if I’m not currently having problems?

With adjustable gastric bands, it’s generally better to remove them than leave them in your body. Unfortunately, adjustable gastric bands have such a high incidence of problems that even if you don’t have issues right now, it’s virtually inevitable that you will later. 

There’s one exception to this rule: If you’re following up with your surgeon regularly, having band adjustments at the appropriate times, and working closely with a nutritionist to maintain a healthy diet and sustained weight loss, you might not need adjustable gastric bands removal. 

Still, it’s important to remember that you’ll probably need its removal in the future.

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