Never Give Up on Your Health

May 01, 2015

Never Give Up on Your Health

Your health is the most important thing that you have to protect. Unfortunately, many obese patients do not realize this until it is too late and their health is on a downward spiral. Obesity brings with it many dangerous co-morbidities including Type 2 diabetes and heart disease that can have serious consequences for a person’s health. Yet, it is also found that losing weight can prevent these health conditions and even send them into remission. For morbidly obese patients who have struggled for years to lose weight, bariatric surgery in Thousand Oaks with University Bariatrics may be the best option in pursuit of a better bill of health.

Our world class bariatric surgeon, Amir Mehran MD, FACS, has years of experience performing the most cutting edge weight loss surgeries, having lead the entire UCLA Bariatric Surgery Program. Now that he leads his own Thousand Oaks weight loss surgery practice, Dr. Mehran is able to help even more patients who previously had thought that their weight problem was hopeless. Weight loss surgery is not a quick fix, and takes determination and willpower on the part of the patient. Yet, with support from an expert team specializing in bariatric surgery in Simi Valley many patients have been able to finally lose the weight and start on the path toward a clean bill of health. Dr. Mehran constantly stresses that no one should ever give up on their health. Even for bariatric patients who have had a hard time adjusting to their procedure, revision options exist that have helped countless patients jumpstart their weight loss journey.

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